Scandinavian Soccer

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training Camp

WOW Kermlin Palace and WOW Topkapi Palace are waiting for you for a healthy peaceful and efficient camping.

Having the most comprehensive and modern facilities, WOW Football Centre offers you all the opportunities for you preseason and midseason camping. After performing an exhausting training in WOW Football Centre, you will feel the pleasure of relaxation in WOW Krelin Palace of in WOW Topkapi Palace.

You can have a pleasant holiday and a mysterious journey and see a fascinating world in WOW Topkapi Palace, a palace in which Ottoman Empire was governed, a place famous for Sultans “herem’s”, treasures and mystical stories, a place in Antalia Aksu which is Akdeniz’s most favoured holiday region, or have a dreamlike holiday in WOW Kermlin Palace, waiting to host you with its magnificent architecture modelled on Moscow, Red Square which is one of the greatest symbols of Russian history. Reward you high training performance in WOW Krelin and Topkapi Palace’s charming world.

Football’s stars shine in WOW Football Centre
FIFA RecommendedYou will find everything you need related with football in WOW Football Centre, a facility of world standards. With 10 fields on more than 100 thousands square meters area, perfect ground and professional staff. WOW Football Center puts training in Antalia at your service.
World Giants prepare for their matches in WOW Football Centre.

Since its opening in January, the WOW Football Centre has hosted many famous clubs and held many international organisations to date.  Any kind of private organisation, preparation friendly matches guarantee and much more than a team’s expectations from the facility it wants to camp in, is fulfilled in special care by the centre’s team.

With our ideal facility and opportunities constituted for camping in addition to temperate climate and magnificent nature of Akdeniz known as “Turkish Paradice”, we are waiting for football clubs. Come, check and see what we can do for you, in our palace