Scandinavian Soccer

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Kremlin Palace:
We built WOW Kremlin Palace inspired by its original in Russia to give you a chance to feel the magnificent atmosphere and discover the home of the Russian Czars. Your journey through history will start from the “gate of resurrection” .
We will be waiting for you in unique Kremlin Palace- a place from fairytales- to join the peace and relaxation of a holiday with the splendour of it’s architecture. 837 chic designed rooms are at your service for a comfortable training Camp.


• 837 rooms are available with balcony or terrace.
• Telephone (charged), bathtub( N/A in disabled rooms), wc, shower, hairdryer, shampoo and showergel are available in all rooms.
• Non smoking rooms are available.
• Internet connection and Pay TV are charged services. 
• Central air conditioning and heating system.
• Mini bar is filled daily with beverages and beer free of charge.
• Sattelite TV- 30 sattelite tv channels and 2 info channels (German, French, English, Turkish, Russian) and radio broadcast from TV.
• Safety deposit box (free).

Food & Beverage:
You can taste our delicious foods at breakfast, lunch, dinner and night appetizers in our main restaurant. Our diet buffet is at your service with light and also tasty foods. We did not forget our smallest guests. Our baby corner is also serving in our main restaurant. You may use our A La Carte restaurants depending on your mood ,and taste our delicious foods from 6 different cuisines. Apart from those services, you may visit our snack bar, patisserie, Turkish pancake tent for different tastes of snacks.

Topkapi Palace:
Are you one of the people who has realised what it means to live in the ages of great Ottoman architecture while making a journey through the history? You can be assured that WOW Topkapi Palace (inspired by the great Topkapi Palace in Istanbul) will let you feel those emotions. When you enter Topkapi Palace, you will stay in the Harem, have your food from the great Palace Kitchens and Hagia Irini, drink your tasteful wine at theJustice Tower, taste your delicious Turkish desert flavoured with rosewater at Mecidiye Chalet.

While you enter into a journey of history, WOW Topkap? Palace will accompany you with its comfort. When you rest in your room, you will feel the relaxation of the atmosphere

• We have 908 rooms with balcony or terrace and without balcony.
• Telephone(charged), bathtub( N/A in disabled rooms), wc, shower, hair dryer, shampoo and shower jel are available in all our rooms
• Non smoking rooms are available.
• Central air conditioning and heating system.
• Mini bar is filled everyday with beverages and beer for free.
• Satelite TV- 30 satelite channels and 2 info channels (German, French, English, Turkish and Russian), radio broadcast from tv
• Safety deposit ( free )

Food & Beverage:
The taste of our delicious foods will be unforgettable both in your mind and on your tongue.

Our International and Traditional cuisines will be at the service of our guests who like discovering different tastes.
Apart from our excellent open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner services in our main restaurant Hünkar, you can also enjoy your nights at our delightful restaurant alternatives. You will be amused with our services and rich menus in our A La Carte restaurants; Kösem Sultan – Turkish cuisine, La Gondola- Italian cuisine and La Nazir. You will also be pleased with our A La Carte restaurant Marine- Mediterranean cuisine and Mangal Park-BBQ.

Do not limit yourself with any of these… Meatballs and different types of Turkish pizza in Sultan Sofrasi, pastry and Turkish ravioli in Pasa Çadiri and all Turkish milky deserts are some of the delicious tastes that will always remind you that you’re on a fantastic training camp.

Spend your energy with joy...You can enjoy various beverage alternatives at Lalezar Bar, Snack Bar, Kubbe Disco Bar, Beach Bar, Vitamin Bar, Divan Lobby Bar, Begüm Bar, Serbet Bar, Gameland Bar and spend your energy with our enjoyable activities. You can have your very delightful conversations with loved ones at our Kiraathane where we serve tea and coffee.