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Diego (Diego Alves)

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Diego  (Diego Alves)
Diego  (Diego Alves) Position Goalkeeper Goalkeeper
Date of birth 24.06.1985
Nationality Brazil  - Italian
Club Ameria, Spain
Height / Weight 1.87m | 80kg
Internationals  Brazil
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International career
Alves was chosen to represent Brazil at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Individual Characteristics:
Diego is rated under the 3 best goalkeepers in the Spanish Primera Division.
He is the first Brazilian goalkeeper, who has managed to climb to the top of the Spanish Primera Division.
Since he sign for the club in season 2007/08 he has been the first choice in Almeri, setting a fantastic season record in his first season with 677 minutes without opponents scoring (7 clean shirt) In Brazil people compare him with the great Claudio Taffarel already.
He is constantly performing on a special high level. He is quick on the line with great reaction and he is very good by crosses.
Diego is a playing goalkeeper, then with his feet he is almost to compare with his defenders.
He has the abilities to be the next great Brazilian goalkeeper.
He has Italian passport.