Scandinavian Soccer

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WOW Football Facilities

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WOW Football Centre

The MNG Group of Companies has been and continues to invest in the Tourism Sector. Under the brand name of "World of Wonders", the Group leads their interest in tourism with a range of wholly owned tourism and business hotels across Turkey. The WOW Kremlin Palace, the WOW Topkap? Palace and the WOW Bodrum Resort have a total capacity in excess of 6,500 beds and are operated by the Group's own highly experienced and skilled personnel.

With its 11 high standart Football Pitches, 19 tennis courts, archery fields, swimming pools, basketball and beach volleyball courts WOW Resort Hotels has been a center for many World and European Championships of different sports for many years.


WOW Football Center has totally 11 fields. These fields are consist of ;

          * 6 natural grass football fields with FIFA dimensions (68m x 105m)
          * 1 natural grass football field (62m x 105m)
          * 2 natural grass football fields (55m x 90m)
          * 1 synthetic field (68m x 105m)
          * 1 natural grass football field ( 45m x 55m)

The ground of the fields do not break down because of the drainage system, which does not keep the rain water.The drainage system is comprised of 50 thousand cubic meters of stabilized material, 6 thousand cubic metirs of pre-washed and sifted drainage material and 6 thousand meters of brenflex.

For keeping the football fields in green both summer and winter seasons Bermuda 419 and Lolium type grass are used .
The Football Center has 610 pax covered tribunes with seats. Besides, it has a professional flood lighting for live broadcast at night matches, parking places for cars and buses, 6 changing rooms, 2 changing rooms for referees, cafeteria, press section and a VIP lounge. WOW Football Center provides high quality service to all football teams with all the equipment required for an excellent camping period.